특수 보존 기관의 종이 기록물 장기 보존 대책


Long-Term Preservation Measures of Paper Records of Special Preserving Organization

신종순, 이재수

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This study is Long term preservation measures which is closely related to preserving paper records, record condition evaluation, preservation measure and is conducted as follows. As for Means to Evaluate the Deterioration and Damaged Conditions of Records, research and analysis has been made on the contamination and deterioration examples such as damage, dry, stapler, metal, contamination, acidification which are the characteristics of paper record damage types. The of Paper record is one of the key procedures to evaluate the record material and its physi-chemical status in many criteria and to suggest the best preservation method. Between 1970 and 2000, the main record materials was fine paper and OMR paper along with partly newspaper and coarse paper, whereas the main recording material was ball point pen. Overall damage and deterioration status is, for record materials between 1940 and 1960, high deterioration was found and in urgent need for preservation measure and more damages are caused by tapes, staplers and metals. As for records after 1970, there is light deterioration but needs preservation process. There are approximately 3 million records produces before 2000, and assuming that there are 30 pages per record and that 30% has been damaged or deteriorated, 27 million pages are subject to preservation process. Among damaged or deteriorated records, there are large number of records impossible to go through deacidification process so manual preservation and restoration process is necessary as well. Securing manpower having preservation and restoration skills as well as preservation equipment(deacidification process, preservation and restoration) is in urgent need.


 1. 서론
 2. 실험
 3. 결과 및 고찰
  3-1. 종이 기록물 열화도 평가
  3-2. 종이 기록물 훼손 열화 조사 분석
  3.3 특수 자료관의 장기 보존 대책
  3-4. 국내외 열화된 자료의 보존 처리 사례
 4. 결론
 참고 문헌


  • 신종순 Jong-Soon Shin. 중부대학교 인쇄미디어학과
  • 이재수 Jae-Soo Lee. 중부대학교 기록물 관리학과


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