The Yeatsian Presence in Friel’s Drama


브라이언 프리엘의 희곡과 예이츠

Hyungseob Lee

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This paper probes into the multi-layered nature of Brian Friel’s relationship with W. B. Yeats. First, I look into a rare occasion in which Friel makes direct reference to Yeats’ text, in The Loves of Cass McGuire. Second, I focus on both writers’ dramatic treatment of the same historical event in Cathleen ni Houlihan and Translations, discussing what they share in common and how they differ from each other. Finally, I analyze the role and meaning of the big house in Friel’s Aristocrats, seeing it as Friel’s response to Yeats’ Purgatory. For both Yeats and Friel, home and home place are not the same, and their literary achievements are a testimony to the tragic power with which both writers struggled with their antinomies forced upon them by the fractured history of Ireland.


본 논문은 브라이언 프리엘의 작품세계에서 드러나거나 또는 숨겨져 있는 예이츠의 영향의 다층적 성격을 『케스 맥과이어의 사랑』, 『번역』, 『귀족들』의 텍스트 분석을 통해 규명한다. 예이츠와 프리엘의 관계는 이들의 문학이 시대적, 개인적 차이에도 불구하고 결국 당대의 첨예한 사회적 모순에 불가분하게 맞물려있는 자기모순적이고 분열된 자아의 정체성을 재구성하려는 작가적 시도라는 공통점에서 출발하고 또 그 공통점으로 귀결된다.


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  • Hyungseob Lee 이형섭. Assistant Professor of Performative Humanities at Hanyang University, Seoul


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