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관광서비스전공 학생들의 말하기 능력 향상에 대한 연구


A study of Improving Speaking Skills for University Students Majoring Tourism Service


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Efforts to foster greater student speaking skills has been a fundamental theme in foreign language teaching in Korea recently. However, many classes remain unsuccessful in terms of oral activities, and teachers seems reconciled to focusing mainly on reading comprehension.
This paper has focused on two techniques which are particularly effective in addressing those two aims, reducing anxiety and ensuring meaningful exchanges in our classroom activities. First, selective error collection, which emphasizes fluency and thus does not stop the flow of orally communicative activities, is one way of reducing students' anxiety by fostering a comfortable atmosphere that encourages voluntary speaking. The other technique is the use of small group work to create intimate communities in a large class, to provide realistic exchanges, and to allow students to participate more in oral activities.
As long as one of the ultimate goals of foreign language learning is to be able to
communicate orally and actively, speaking activities in classrooms are indispensible, and making these more successful is an urgent issue. Students have a strong desire to become more competent and fluent in English. It is teacher's duty to provide our students with better opportunities to learn.


I. 서론
 II. 본론
  1. 말하기 능력과 영어 말하기 수업의 문제점
  2. 영어말하기 수업의 근래 쟁점
  3. 효과적인 영어 말하기 수업을 위한 제안
 III. 결론


  • 문혜리 Moon, Hye-Ri. 동의과학대학 국제관광계열 호텔관광경영전공 부교수.


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