예배문헌에 나타난 유아세례 이해와 활성화 방안 - 대한예수교장로회총회(고신) 경남지역 8개 노회 중심으로


A Study of Infant Baptism understanding and Activation Plan having been given to Worship Literature - Focused on The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea(GAPCK: Kosin) & 8 Presbytery in South Kyungsang Province region

노학용, 김상구

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Infant baptism seen through the biblical, theological approach on infant baptism is conducted based on the promise relationship between God and Abraham and is achieved of the promise accomplished in Jesus Christ and has relevance to baptism. Historically, to Karl Barth of the 20th century including Tertulian, reformed theologians and rebaptism party(anabaptist), ① opposition to infant baptism ② caution on infant baptism ③ the position that just as adult baptism is important, infant baptism is also legitimate and important could be found. Despite some opposition in terms of historical aspect, it could be found out that the legitimacy and importance on infant baptism were mostly emphasized.
Focusing on books for faith education and written confessions of the Presbyterian Church, early literature of Korean Presbyterian Churches and books for standard ceremonies of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (Kosin), the legitimacy and importance, guidelines for implementation, even educational features were examined.
By examining the perception of pastors on infant baptism targeting 8 presbyteries in the Gyeongnam area, theological, historical, biblical understanding on infant baptism implementation and how infant baptism is conducted in the pastoral field and whether to need to evaluate infant baptism newly were examined. Through literature review and perception of pastors, the following measures were presented about education plans and ceremony performance on infant baptism implementation.
Through this study, the author wishes that this study can be the foundation toward the true path of churches, establishing churches more firmly and expects that now previous reinforcement will happen and right and uniform implementation of words and sacrament will happen also in the Presbyterian Church of Korea (Kosin) churches.


I. 들어가는 글
 II. 펴는 글
  1. 성경에서 본 할계와 세례 유기적 관계로서의 유아세례
  2. 역사적 관점에서 본 교육적 관계로서의 유아세례
  3. 대한예수교장로회 예배문헌에 나타난 목회 실천적 관계로서의 유아세례
  4. 대한예수교장로회 총회(고신) 8개 노회 목회자 유아세례 인식도 조사
  5. 유아세례 활성화 방안
 III. 나가는 글


  • 노학용 Rho, Hak Yong. 영남사이버대학교
  • 김상구 Kim Sang Koo. 백석대학교


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