성폭력 가해 청소년에 대한 목회돌봄


Pastoral Care for Juvenile Sexual Offenders

고명희, 전요섭

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The purpose of this study was to find out the characteristics of juvenile sexual offenders as well as to suggest plans for those adolescences which have been neglected in terms of pastoral care. It is pathetic individually/socially that having teenagers are being either victims or sexual offenders.
The researchers confirmed that sexual violence has been repeatedly committed by juveniles due to misusing juvenile law considered as social protection; therefore, they searched for pastoral care for prevention of sexual violence. Juvenile sexual offenders were from peer group culture.
They have pressure of sexual conduct from epicureanism, mass media, and internet. Adolescences’ indiscriminate sexual conduct was due to frequent exposure of lewd media. A church ought to support pastoral care for adolescences in order to prevent sexual violence. Most of all Korean Christian churches have no enough strategies and/or method for prevention of juvenile sexual violence. Accordingly, a church should intervene for prevention positively.
Preventive strategies is means of grace as Christian tradition. The means of grace means the Bible reading, worship service and praise, etc.
Also, pastoral care includes TRUTH therapy as therapeutic method for juvenile sexual offenders. TRUTH therapy decrease somatic, psychological and spiritual agony by sexual violence. Also, when it comes to pastoral care for adolescences’ sexual problem, preventive education is important. Pastoral care for correction of adolescences’ wrong sexual conduct is based on the Bible.
Considering juveniles as our future, we must put our every effort not to have them just live with the stigma of sexual offenders, but treat them with respect and love. Approaching those juveniles who conducted sexual violence with understanding and care is the way to come more closer to them individually. It is emphasized that active pastoral care Is necessary on this matter.
This article proposed effective plans of pastoral care for preventing and correcting juvenile sexual violence conduct by examining factors and understanding those teenagers through multi-dimensional analysis.


I. 들어가는 글
 II. 펴는 글
  1. 성폭력 가해 청소년의 이해
  2. 성폭력 가해 청소년에 대한 목회돌봄
 III. 나가는 글


  • 고명희 Goh Myeonghee. 벧엘 케어 상담소
  • 전요섭 Jeon Joseph. 성결대학교


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