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Characteristics and Performance Analysis of Intake Manifold in IC Engine of Asia Region


동북아 지역의 특성을 고려한 차량용엔진 흡기계 연구

Haeng Muk Cho

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A diesel engine requires close tolerances to achieve its compression ratio. The air entering the engine must be clean, free of debris and as cool as possible. Also to improve engine’s efficiency, the compressed air must be cooled after being compressed. Development of Variable Counter-current Distribution Control (VCDC) technology ensures proper air intake and exhaust system. In this regard, design of valve controller and most importantly valve mixer mechanism with fin arrangements has taken into consideration. The term counter-current indicates the valve controller attachments and valve mixer position layout. Valve controller controls the intake airflow at a significant level and the valve mixture distributes the air to a form of streamline through the fin arrangements. There is no possibility of vortex generation which is important for smooth and linear flow of air inside the engine cylinder. A swirl combustion inside the combustion chamber take place that results uniform combustion, increase the flame propagation speed, overcoming the differences of turbulent flow, reduce the flame to burn, improves the function of the flame diffusion and serves to reduce the airflow noise. Pressure distribution ensures greater combustion pressure that results higher compression ratio as the air is compressed first and then the fuel injected which allow the IC diesel engine to be efficient.


  4.1 Pressure Distribution
  4.2 Velocity Vector
  4.3 Streamlines
  4.4 Combustion comparisons
  4.5 Regression rate analysis
  7.1 Shoot Concentration (%)
  7.2 Speed (Km/h)
  7.3 Engine Rotation (rpm)
  7.4 Temperature (℃)
  7.5 Output power (ps)
  7.6 Torque (Kgf m)


  • Haeng Muk Cho 조행묵. Division of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Kongju National University (KNU)


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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