새로운“産出·産出表”作成은 왜 필요한가? - 전통적인 投入·産出表에 대한 代案을 중심으로 -


Why Do We Need the Compilation of a New“Output-Output Table”?- Based on an Alternative to the Traditional Input-Output Table -


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The complemented general relation between two different notions of direct and indirect input requirements( and ) and the decomposition of factors in the output requirements matrix for final demand were proposed by Gim and Kim(2005, 2008). Furthermore we showed that there is consecutive connection between the Leontief inverse and the final demand , but there is no consecutive connection between and the total output .From the research results above, the study objectives of this paper can be summarized as follows. (1) We develop an alternativeOutput-Output(OO) modelwithout having overestimation and consecutive connection problems and compile a newOutput-Output tableon the basis of the OO model to analyse the various economic impacts. (2) We make a comparative study between the input-output table and the output-output table for the complementary using.For the performance of the empirical illustration, we consider an economy with 5 sectors which has been obtained by reaggregating the 28 basic sectors given in the 2003 Input-Output Tables of Korea. Moreover as a specific example for the usefulness of the OO model and table, we formulate the OO multipliers, corresponding to input-output multipliers, that can accept output as an initial change.


 1. 序論
  1.1 연구의 배경
  1.2 연구의 目的과 範圍
 2. 投入• 産出模型과 産出 • 産出模型
 3. 새로운 “産出·産出表” 의 作成
  3.1 産出·産出表의 體制
  3.2 “ 2003년 産出 • 産出表” 의 作成
 4. “ 2003년 産出 • 産出表” 를 통한 經齊分析
  4.1 산출계수행렬과 생산유발계수행렬
  4.2 生産誘發效果와 乘.效果分析
 5. 結論


  • 김호언 Gim, Ho-Un. 계명대학교 경제학과 교수


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