지역 산업구조의 변화와 R&D투자의 파급효과 - 광주광역시 제조업을 중심으로 -


The Change in Regional Industry Structure and the Spillovers Effect of R&D Investments : The Case of Manufacturing Industries in Gwangju City

나주몽, 김일태, 류수열

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This paper analyzes the impact of each industry by using R&D multipliers in innovative flow of science and technology system and reexamines the regional industry structure by investigating the interindustry R&D spillovers effect of R&D expenditures and by examining the strongest innovative flow of industry group in regional innovative system. These results show that technology intensive linkage effect and diffuse linkage effect are 52.42 and 22.71, respectively in Gwangju city. This implies that if R&D embodied technology intensive linkage effect is higher, both input rate of intermediate goods and influence coefficient are high and, that if R&D embodied technology diffuse linkage effect is higher, both sensitivity coefficient and R&D intensity are high. This paper also reveals that the values of technology linkage effect are greater than one in general machinery and transportation equipments and precision instruments are the highest in technology intensive linkage effect, and electrical and electronic equipments are the highest in technology diffuse linkage effect.


 1. 서론
 2. 지역혁신체제와 지역의 산업구조 변화
  2.1 지역혁신체계의 접근과 분석의 틀
  2.2 지역별 산업구조의 변화
  2.3 광주지역의 산업구조의 변화
 3. 분석의 모형
  3.1 기술확산의 파급효과에 관한 논의
  3.2 분석모형
 4. 분석결과
  4.1 자료
  4.2 기술집약연관효과와 기술확산연관효과
 5. 결론
 〈부록 1 )


  • 나주몽 Na. Ju-Mong. 전남대학교 경제학부 교수
  • 김일태 Kim. II-Tae. 전남대학교 경제학부 교수
  • 류수열 Ryu. Su-Yeol. 부산발전연구원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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