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IBAD-MgO 기판상에 플라즈마를 이용한 LaMnO3 저온 증착


Low temperature deposition of LaMnO3 on IBAD-MgO template assisted by plasma

김호섭, 오상수, 하동우, 하홍수, 고락길, 문승현

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LMO(LaMnO3) buffer layer of superconducting coated conductor was deposited on IBAD-MgO template in the plasma atmosphere at 650 oC which is relatively low compared with conventional deposition temperature of more than 800 oC. Deposition method of LMO was DC sputtering, and target and deposition chamber were connected to the cathode and anode respectively. When DC voltage was applied between target and chamber, plasma was formed on the surface of target. The tape substrate was located with the distance of 10 cm between target and tape substrate . When anode bias was connected to the tape substrate, electrons were attracted from plasma in target surface to the tape substrate, and only tape substrate was heated by electron bombardment without heating any other zone. The effect of electron bombardment on the surface of substrate was investigated by increasing bias voltage to the substrate. We found out that the sample of electron bombardment had the effect of surface heating and had good texturing at low controlling temperature.


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