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A study on the visible wave of transmittance pressable ceramic core

정인호, 이상덕, 남상용

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the transmittance differences of pressable ceramic core due to thickness within the visible light spectrum. Methods: 36 specimens were divided into 2 groups (0.6 , 0.8 ) which have each 3 specimens. The size of specimens was 10mm high and 10 wide. The transmittance of specimens are measured by spectrophotometer Model Cary 500 that can measure infrared-ray, visible wave and ultraviolet-ray. Results: The results shows that there was no significant difference between specimen’s thickness(0.6 , 0.8 ) and transmittance. Conclusion: The individual’s color perception is personal and there are numerous factors that influence on it. In general, human eye can perceive the color of thing only within visible light spectrum but in this experiment through spectrophotometer there was no big difference between specimen’s thickness(0.6 , 0.8 ) and transmittance. To sum up, The most important factors were a layed porcelain structure and its thickness rather than core thickness in the porcelain crown. Also, When making all ceramic core with dead pulp(nervous treatment tooth) when used as a restorative esthetic think is more efficient to improve.


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  1. 지르코니아 및 IPS Empress 2와 IPS e. max 시편 제작
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  • 정인호 In-Ho Jung. 김천대학교 치기공학과
  • 이상덕 Sang-deok Lee. 안경광학과
  • 남상용 Sang-Yong Nam. 대구보건대학교 치기공과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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