Effectiveness of Asynchronous Learning Networks in Teaching as a Supplement to Classroom Teaching : A Study from Perspective of Lecturers in National University of Singapore



Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN) has become a kind of prevalent information systems to supplement or even substitute a traditional classroom face-to-face teaching method. In this paper, we investigate the impacts of types of courses, lecturers’ instruction models and computer self-efficacy on the ALN effectiveness in teaching from lecturers’ perspective. We conducted survey to professors in various faculties such as School of Computing, Faculty of Arts, Science, Business, Law and Engineering in the National University of Singapore. According to the responses from ninety-eight professors, instruction modes positively influence the usage of ALN; types of course and lecturers’ computer-efficacy influence lectures’ satisfaction of ALN in teaching. Both the usage of ALN and satisfaction of ALN positively influence the effectiveness of ALN. The results of this study fill the gap of ALN researches in education by examining it from lecturers’ perspective and enable schools to improve their implementation of ALN systems based on our findings.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. Literature Review
  2.1 ALN
  2.2 Type of Course
  2.3 Instruction and Learning Model
  2.4 Computer Self-Efficacy
 Ⅲ. Model and Hypotheses
  3.1 Proposed Model
  3.2 Hypotheses
 Ⅳ. Measurement and Data Collection
  4.1 Procedure and Data Collection
  4.2 Measurements of Variables
 V. Data Analysis and Results
 Ⅵ. Discussion and Implication
  6.1 Implication to Schools
  6.2 Implication to Academics
 Ⅶ. Conclusion
 Appendix A. Questionnaire
 About the Authors


  • Gee-Woo Bock Associate Professor, Ph.D., School of Business, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Jong-Hyun Kim Research Fellow, Ph.D., Woori Finance Holdings Management Research Institute
  • Hannah Yang Shuo English Lecturer, TMC Academy Singapore and Kaplan Singapore
  • Ji-Myoun Lee Senior Consultant, Samsung SDS


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