족관절의 능동 관절가동범위 운동이 수동 하지직거상에 미치는 즉각적 영향


The Immediate Effects of Active Ankle ROM exercise on Passive Straight Leg Raising

심현보, 윤홍일, 이준용

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To exam the effects of active ankle range of motion(ROM) exercise on sciatic nerve movement and provide the evidence that use it to patients with hypomobile sciatic nerve as a nerve mobilization technique. Methods : The subjects consist of 32 asymptomatic healthy adults(male; 15, female; 17) who have limited passive straight leg raising(PSLR) ranges below 70 degrees. First, examiner measures PSLR angles at three times. Then, subject was instructed perform the active ankle ROM exercise(dorsiflexion and plantarflextion) at limited angle. After each subject completed the active ankle ROM exercise, return the starting position and examiner measures the PSLR angles at three times again. Results : First, PSLR range was no significant differences between dominant and non-dominant leg(p >.05). Second, active ankle ROM exercise significantly increased PSLR range by mean of degrees(p <.05). Third, there was no learning effects among the measurement trials(p >.05). Conclusion : These data show that active ankle ROM exercise can mobilize the sciatic nerve. Therefore, it can be applied to patients with hypomobile sciatic nerve(sliding dysfunction) as a neural mobilization technique.


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  • 심현보 Hyun-Po Sim. 강남세브란스병원 물리치료실
  • 윤홍일 Hong-Il Yoon. 안산경희한방병원 물리치료실
  • 이준용 Jun-Yong Lee. 서울시 북부노인병원 물리치료실


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