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About the several versions of Chunhyang-jeon


국문학회 국문학연구 제23호 2011.05 pp.145-165
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Chunhyang-jeon is the most famous Korean classical novel, it has been handed down as the novel, pansori, poem, changgeuk, film and drama from the 18C until the present. In this study, I announced the three versions of the novel Chunhyang-jeon, generally been ignored the meaning and exist. Songdong-singan Seoul edition(20-leaves) is one of the woodblock print as commercial publication. The identity of this version is the reprinting vesion of Anseong edition(20-leaves). This book is housed in the Toyama University in Japan. And in the Loyola library of Sogang University, there is a book in manuscript form of Chinese language Chunhyang-jeon that is written by Yeo Gyu-hyeong. This manuscript is made in order to publicate the writer's work printed by the oil printing. French edition Chunhyang-jeon Printemps Parfumé was translated in 1892 by J.-H. Rosny who is a French famous novelist. This work was adapted for the French style, so heroine Chunhyang's social position was set to not Gisaeng(妓生) but the common people. As a result, hero Lee(李道令) had no choice to dress up as a woman for the meeting. Later Printemps Parfumé was based on the Ballet de Monte Carlo's in Monaco 1936, and the Tissot's textbook version in Vietnam 1910.


1. 들어가는 말 : <춘향전>의 흐름
 2. 송동신간 경판 20장본
 3. 여규형 한문본 <춘향전>의 원고본
 4. 프랑스판 춘향전 Printemps Parfumé
 5. 맺음말


  • 전상욱 Jeon Sang-uk. 숙명여자대학교 한국어문학부 교수


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