역사경험담의 존재 양상과 문학적 특성 - 6.25 체험담을 중심으로


Aspects of Stories of one’s Historical Experience and their Literary Features - Focused on the Korean War Stories


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This dissertation conducted a preliminary examination on the existence aspects of stories of one’s historical experience and their literary features, based on the data of the Korean War stories collected through the field investigation. Real discourse composes one of the two main streams of the orally transmitted literature along with fictional discourse, and stories of one’s historical experience including the Korean War stories hold a higher post than tales in the field of stories field these days. They act as crucial passageway for the speakers to understand history and reality while communicate with others. The core characteristics of stories of historical experience can be summarized as ‘realism discourse on history and reality.’ Compared with tales which has been major objects of study on orally transmitted discourse and deal with reality emblematically and implicitly, stories of historical experience is characterized by reflecting experience realistically. Different from typical personal stories, they are more profound and have stronger tendency to reflecting history as they make historical experiences as the talking point. We can say they are ‘historical literature’ themselves especially as the whole experience of the people is drawn truthfully and vividly. They are of great value in that they, being historical discourse, have narrative completion and interests, and reflect reality through the medium of specific figures. The literary value of the stories of historical experience can be found from not only the fact that they are historical and realistic discourse themselves but also the fact that they acted as the major source for fictional discourse including tales. Among historical stories, not a few of them have qualifications to be handed down to others and worthwhile to be extensively transmitted, and these kinds of cases have actually found among the Korean War stories. When the mechanism that stories of historical experiences transform into tales while orally transmitted operates actively, the oral discourses are expected to have more dynamic richness. Despite this significance, there have been hardly any research studies on the stories of historical experience. It’s needed to arrange the spot survey data and put a proper amount of efforts to perform research before the data on the spot fade away.


1. 머리말
 2. 6.25 체험담의 전승 양상과 유형
 3. 역사경험담으로서의 6.25 체험담 - 역사와 인간에 대한 생생한 리얼리즘 담화
 4. 역사적 경험에 깃든 보편적 서사의 가능성 - 구전을 통한 경험의 전이와 설화적 재구성의 문제
 5. 맺는 말


  • 신동흔 Shin, Dong-Hun. 건국대학교 국어국문학과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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