노인의 신체활동 참여제약에 대한 협상전략 분석


Analysis on Participation Constraints Negotiation Strategy in Physical Activity of Senior Citizens

김춘종, 구교만, 황종문

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The purpose of this study was to investigated participation constraints and negotiation strategy in physical activity of senior citizens. For this purpose, we sampled 100 senior citizens . Participants were contacted individually and answered a series of unstructured in-depth interview on their negotiation method from the participant's perspective. Two processes were used to establish reliability, that is random triangulation of the data through a second content analysis, and member check. The data were drawn from verbatim transcription of the interview and were inductively content analyzed. The study result are as follows: Participation constraints in physical activity of senior citizens emerged from in-deep interview included accessibility, health condition decline, lack of time, finance ability, weather condition, motivation decline, and, conflict. For tins, negotiation strategy emerged from in-deep interview included change of place, other vehicle, request help others, prioritisation, adjust the time to participate, preclude unnecessary time, personal exercise, saving, change of exercise type, job search(part-time job), ignore, combination treatment and exercise, consultation, internet usage, resting, expressed willingness, and try dialogue.


  1. 연구의 필요성
 연구 방법
  1. 연구참여자
  2. 자료수집
  3. 자료분석
 결과 및 논의
  1. 신체활동 참여제약요인
  2. 참여제약요인에 대한 협상 전략
 참고 문헌


  • 김춘종 Kim, Chun-Jong. 나사렛대학교
  • 구교만 Ku, Kyu-Man. 백석대학교
  • 황종문 Hwang, Jong-Moon. 상명대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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