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Fabrication of a Nano-Wire Grid Polarizer for Brightness Enhancement in TFT-LCD Display

허종욱, 남수용

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TFT-LCD consists of LCD panel on the top, circuit unit on the side and BLU on the bottom. The recent development issues of BLU-dependent TFT-LCD have been power consumption minimization, slimmerization and size maximization. As a result of this trend, LED is adopted as BLU instead of CCFL to increase brightness and to reduce thickness.
In liquid crystal displays, the light efficiency is below 10% due to the loss of light in the path from a light source to an LCD panel and presence of absorptive polarizer. This low efficiency results in low brightness and high power consumption. One way to circumvent this situation is to use a reflective polarizer between backlight units and LCD panels.
Since a nano-wire grid polarizer has been known as a reflective polarizer, an idea was proposed that it can be used for the enhancement of the brightness of LCD.
The use of reflective polarizing film is increasing as edge type LED TV and 3D TV markets are growing.
This study has been carried out to fabrication of the nano-wire grid polarizer(NWGP) and investigated the brightness enhancement of LCD through polarization recycling by placing a NWGP between an c and a backlight unit.
NWGPs with a pitch of 200nm were fabricated using laser interference lithography and aluminum sputtering and wet etching. And The NWGP fabrication process was using by the UV imprinting and was applied to plastic PET film.
In this case, the brightness of an LCD with NWGPs was 1.21 times higher than that without NWGPs due to polarization recycling.


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  • 허종욱 Jong-Wook Huh. 미래나노텍(주)
  • 남수용 Su-Yong Nam. 부경대학교 공과대학 인쇄정보공학과


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