Prepress 중심으로 한 Lean Printing System에 관한 연구


The Study of the Lean Printing System on the Prepress

이상현, 하영백, 오성상, 최재혁, 유건룡, 이재수

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Most of all manufacturing industries are pursuing the manufacturing process innovation through the production process automation but the printing industry still does not get out of the analog ways of the entire process compared the entire manufacturing industry. Today, many printing enterprises have the difficulties by the short for delivery, multi-item small amount printing, high quality, rise in raw material cost, drop in receiving order cost, and etc.
The printing industry can get over these difficulties and issues by implementing the compact workflow line, merge with the others, automatization and networking, minimization of the repetitive operation, efficiency of the working process, optimization of the operators’ value creation, minimization of cost and materials and fast make-ready.
The object of this thesis establishes the experimental data and study cases applicable in the printing industry by having high labor productivity and work in line with printing industry processes through “lean printing system”.


 1. 서론
 2. 실험
  2-1. Digital work flow 분석
  2-2. Lean printing system 적용을 위한 prepress 현장 조건 변화
  2-3. CIP3를 사용한 데이터 이동에 관한 실험
 3. 결과 및 고찰
  3-1. Digital work flow의 Lean printing system
  3-2. Prepress 공정에서 lean printing system 적용에 따른 결과
  3-3. CIP3를 적용한 lean printing system 적용에 따른 결과
 4. 결론
 참고 문헌


  • 이상현 Sang-Hyun Lee. (주)프린피아
  • 하영백 Young Baeck Ha. 신구대학 그래픽아츠미디어과
  • 오성상 Sung-Sang Oh. 신구대학 그래픽아츠미디어과
  • 최재혁 Jae-Hyuk Choi. 신구대학 그래픽아츠미디어과
  • 유건룡 Keun-Ryong Yoo. 한국폴리텍Ⅱ대학
  • 이재수 Jae-Su Lee. 일진PMS(주)


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