종이 기록물 보수용 안전 테이프 시제품 제조 기술 연구


Manufacture Technology Development of Paper Mending Tape for Conservation of Archive Document

신종순, 유선균

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For manufacturing the tape for repairing archival documents, we tested ten carrier candidates for selecting best material. The tensile strength, transmissivity, stability of deterioration, and processability were determined.
Physical-chemical characteristics and stability of deterioration was best to the Hanji. Tensile strength and transmissivity was best in tracing paper, but was low in oil paper, white sketch paper, lyon coat paper. Synthetic carrier to tensile strength showed higher than paper carrier and to the transmissivity showed 2-8 times higher than paper carriers. The tracing paper to the transmissivity was 10 times higher than others.
To determine characteristic of conservation to the selected carriers, stability of deterioration was examined at conditions of 90℃ for 15 days. Oil paper and white sketch paper turned strongly yellowish. Cellulopane, Felt, and Cpp film showed stable stability of deterioration, but deformation like wrinkles. PET film and Syntheletic film showed excellent conservation characteristics without any change of exterior.
Test of adhesive uniform between carriers and adhesive processability was performed. PET film > Syntheletic film > Tracing Paper in order were determined. Ununiformal adhesive characteristics appeared to Hangi. Accordingly, we thought that Hanji as carrier material might be unsuitable because of low adhesive processability.


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  • 신종순 Joung-Soon Shin. 중부대학교 인쇄미디어학과
  • 유선균 Sun-Kyun Yoo. 중부대학교 식품생명과학과


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