Roll-to-Roll UV 나노 임프린팅 리소그래피에 의한 대면적 17인치의 나노 와이어 그리드의 제작


Fabrication of a 17inch Area Size Nano-Wire Grid using Roll-to-Roll UV Nano-Imprinting Lithography

허종욱, 남수용

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The polarizer is an important optical element used in a variety of applications. Nano-wire grid polarizers in the form of sub-wavelength metallic gratings are an attractive alternative to conventional polarizers, because they provide high extinction ratio. This study has been carried out to fabrication of the 17inch area size nano-wire grid polarizer(NWGP) The master for NWGPs with a pitch of 200nm and the area size 730mm x450mm were fabricated using laser interference lithography and aluminum sputtering and wet etching. And The NWGP fabrication process was using by the Roll to-Roll UV imprinting and was applied to flexible PET film.
The results were a transmission of light (Tp) 46.7%, reflectance (Rs) 40.1% and Extinction ratio of above 16 for the visible light range.


 1. 서론
 2. 실험
  2-1. Roll-to-Roll UV 나노 임프린팅 장치
  2-2. 나노 와이어 그리드 마스터의 제작
  2-3. UV 나노 임프린팅용 폴리머(polymer)
  2-4. 측정
 3. 결론
  3-1. R2R UV 임프린팅 공정에 의한 나노 와이어 그리드 패턴의 형성
  3-2. 메탈 나노 와이어 그리드 편광자의 제작
 4. 결론
 참고 문헌


  • 허종욱 Jong-Wook Huh. 미래나노텍(주)
  • 남수용 Su-Yong Nam. 부경대학교 공과대학 인쇄정보공학과


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