조선시대 국경지역의 이국관 - 동래 부산포를 중심으로 -


The Exotic Idea of a Border Region's in Late Joseon Dynasty - focused on Dongraebu Busanpo's region -


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This study focused on the exotic idea of a border region which was called Busanpo in Joseon Dynasty. Besaides Westerner's picturers, the old map and ancient local documents made by Dongraebu gave us very interesting exotic ideas. The exotic ideas of Busanpo let us know the nationalism of those day. First, generally the outside of Dongraebu Busanpo included Tsushima of Japan's frontier in the Dongraebu's old map. Second, the boundary line between Busanpo and Oeguan which was Japan's agency was divided strictly. There were some buildings such as Selmun and Yakjojechalbi, Bokbeyngmak. 'Selmun' established in 1709years had been prohibited Japanese's passing. 'Bokbeyngmak' also watched Japanese's passing. Third, the picture was taken by the first Busan customs president in 1885 described the boundary between Korean and Japanese. Busanpo was known to Europe in 1797 years. William Broughton Captain of England was visited to Yongdanpo of Dongraebu and published the map called “Busanport Hangbakdo”. John Ward Captain of England also visited to Sinchoryang of Dongraebu in 1859 years and published the map called “Tsau-Liang-hai(Chosan Harbour of Broughton) with the Adjacen Coast of Tchao-Sian”. John Ward Captain's visiting was entered into details by Dongraebu's ancient local documents.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 동래부의 일본관
  1. 동래부의 경계 인식
  2. 동래부의 일본 인식
 Ⅲ. 동래부의 서양관
  1. 서양 선박의 부산포 표류
  2. 동래부의 서양 인식
 Ⅳ. 맺음말


  • 박화진 Park, Hwa-Jin. 부경대학교인문사회대학 사학과


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