미국 여성 골프의 사회문화적 진화


Socio-cultural Evolution of American Female Golf

이고은, 옥광

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As the economy drastically develops recently, golf has become popular and many Korean female pro golfers have been produced. As a result, their advancement into LPGA, the dream of female pro golfers, and news about their winning give hopes to golfers in Korea. Besides, the fact that golf was adopted as an official event in Olympic Games since 2016 clearly shows the possibilities of its worldwide popularization. Although golf has become popularized in a global scale, golf-related association, home and abroad, have released few studies on the social and cultural functions of American female golf. Thus, this study examines the development and organizational changes of US female golf associations after the Second World War, when US female golf started to be developed into the modern day formation, in order to present the understanding and vision of US female golf. The findings are as follows First, USA after the Second World War resumed its economic, social, and cultural attempts, and thus female golf circles too resumed the pro-golfers activities and matches. As a result, women started to advance into the society, which resulted in great economic values that brought in social and cultural changes; Second, the replacement of WPGA to LPGA initiated the activation of female golf matches, and formation of various female golf associations such as the four major competitions and foundation of the Hall of Fame contributed to the development of US female golf; Third, the US sponsorship in association with female golf associations improved the skills of US female pro golfers. As the marketing strategies of companies by means of female pro golfers were successful, the profits created led to social returning works, which also contributed to the social, cultural, and economic development of USA. To sum up, the development of US female golf was affected by the sponsorship of US female golf association and various related companies as well as by female golfers' zealous activity.


 I. 서론
 II. 사회사적 고찰을 통한 미국 여성 골프의 진화과정
 III. 결론 및 제언


  • 이고은 Lee, Go-eun. 충북대학교
  • 옥광 Ok, Gwang. 충북대학교


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