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Proposals of pesticide management program for golf course


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Environmental problems on golf course has been argued for a long time in the world. It has been supposed that soil contamination by agriculture chemicals could be more serious by increasing of golf courses. However, we are confusing since there is little information or studying about environmental effects of golf courses in Korea. Therefore, it is very important to understand well the characteristic and the usage of pesticide and herbicide for environmental preservation. There are 3 points in order to reduce the effects of agricultural chemicals. 1) what is the best chemical in each golf course 2) when is the best time to spray chemicals 3) how to decrease the scattering and moving of chemicals. It must be more useful for many golf course managers to protect environment, but there are many management programs including pesticide management in golf courses. In conclusion, it can be proposed to consider not only the agricultural chemical program but also the integrated pest management system for eco -friendly golf courses.


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  • 태현숙 Tae, Hyun-Sook. 삼성에버랜드(주)잔디ㆍ환경연구소


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