방산업체 연구개발 효율성 평가에 관한 연구


Evaluation Method of the Efficiency of R&D Activities in the Korean Defense Industry

김장헌, 이선헌, 최형묵

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Nowadays, the performance evaluation of R&D activities to yield fundamental information for the effectiveness of decision-making on R&D investment has become important since the government budget is limited.
This article suggests a hybrid type of evaluation model (i.e. qualitatively weighted quantified model) that makes up assessment of both quantitative and qualitative R&D performances in the Korean defense industry. The model tries to combine a DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) methodology that uses a well-known quantitative measure for technical and cost efficiency of a number of DMUs (Decision Making Units) and an AHP (Analysis Hierarchical Process) method that helps discopose the qualitative evaluation problem into a hierarchical or more easily comprehensible sub-problems.
Weight is measured for each qualitatively evaluating hierarchy by a survey targeting defense industry experts, researchers, military specialists, and planners. Technical and cost efficiency of a DMU are relatively calculated by comparing differences in efficiency across all DMUs while the importance of each quantitative measure is weighted. We verified the suggested model by practically evaluating 7 major companies in the Korean defense industry.


 1. 서론
 2. 선행연구 조사
  2.1 국방 연구개발의 특징
  2.2 선행연구 분석
 3. 기존 평가방법 분석
  3.1 기존 국방 연구개발 평가방법
  3.2 기존 국방 연구개발 평가방법의 문제점
  3.3 방산업체 효율성 평가모형 도출
 4. 방산업체 평가의 복합지표 선정
  4.1 복합지표 형식
  4.2 정성적/정량적 지표 매핑
 5. 복합평가 모델
  5.1 정성/정량적 지표의 AHP-DEA 분석
  5.2 AHP를 이용한 정성적 지표 분석
  5.3 DEA를 이용한 정량적 지표 분석
 6. 복합평가 모델의 적용
  6.1 평가대상 선정
  6.2 정성적 지표 분석
  6.3 정량적 지표 분석
 7. 결론


  • 김장헌 Kim, Jang Heon. 국방기술품질원 기술기획본부 탑재장비전력팀
  • 이선헌 Lee, Sun Hun. 국방기술품질원 기술기획본부 탑재장비전력팀
  • 최형묵 Choi, Hyung Mook. 국방기술품질원 기술기획본부 탑재장비전력팀장


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