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스포츠의학 관점에서 고찰한 특수체육과의 학제간 연구


A Future Work and Prospect of Crossdisciplinarity Studies between Adapted Physical Education and Sports Medicine

오재근, 윤진호, 김춘종, 변정균, 김경숙, 유호

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the direction of studies through the crossdisciplinarity approach between adapted physical education and sports medicine. We described definition, limit and theme of researches in fields of each disciplines. Specially for grasping a trend and remaining works between two disciplines, we subdivided each disciplines into subterritories and analyzed common themes and problems. For this study, we analyzed recent articles in fields of each disciplines included in IRSS, Medlines, APAE(Adapted Physical Activity & Exercise), APAQ(Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly), KAHPERD(Korea Allience for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance), ACSM(American college of sports medicine)’s journals, KSSM(The Korean Journal of Sports Medicine). We are supposed a trial to have a mutual leadership programs and qualifications of leaders actively in the future. For the crossdisciplinary studies between adapted physical education and sports medicines, we have to consider issues of elite sports related to Olympic game and general researches for rehabilitation and reeducation to disableds by accidents and diseases.


Ⅰ. 서론
  1. 연구의 필요성
 Ⅱ. 본론
  1. 스포츠의학 변천
  2. 특수체육에 대한 스포츠의학적 접근
 Ⅲ. 결론


  • 오재근 Oh, Jae-Keun. 한국체육대학교
  • 윤진호 Yoon, Jin-Ho. 한국체육대학교
  • 김춘종 Kim, Chun-Jong. 한국체육대학교
  • 변정균 Byeun, Jung-Kyun. 한국체육대학교
  • 김경숙 Kim, Kyung-Sook. 한국체육대학교
  • 유호 Yoo, Ho. 관동대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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