현대 헤어 디자인에 표현된 해체주의 연구


The study of Deconstruction expressed in modern hair design

김은실, 김주섭

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This study aims to investigate what the concept and characteristics of Deconstruction is as a trend, and analyze the hair design of Deconstruction expression mode, and research that the change in male and female is expressed into Deconstruction image primarily in works that has been already presented at the moment. Research methods used for this study are as follows; This study makes analysis on basis of theoretical background of Deconstruction expressed in documentary records, and excerpts and analyzes the characteristics and types of Deconstruction hair design in the current works based on it. By use of qualitative analysis method, it analyzes a trend of hair design expression skills from the year 2000 up to recently, referring to photograph materials studied and selected on basis of translated documents and prior research magazines in and out of country and various kinds of information. It tries to help to design creative and unique hair design in the innovative way as getting out of the absolute value and fixed concept of modern society. Consequently, this study shows that I can understand Deconstruction expression mode presented in hair design, and perceive that social and cultural phenomenon have affected hair design. As the result of this study was accomplished on basis of current hair design, however, it has its limitation that those are consistent with a trend image. Every year the study to generalize Deconstruction expression mode presented in the works by groups proposing a trend of hair design should be continued.


 I. 서론
  1. 연구의 목적
  2. 연구의 방법과 범위
 II. 이론적 배경
  1. 해체주의 개념
  2. 해체주의의 분야별 표현
 III. 현대헤어스타일에 표현된 해체주의
 IV. 결론


  • 김은실 Kim, Eun-Sil. 건국대학교 산업대학원 향장학과
  • 김주섭 Kim, Ju-Sub. 상지영서대학 피부미용과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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