Aging Society and Implication of Mission Ministry of Korean church - Based on Ministry for Senior Citizen’s Welfare -


Lee, Sooyoung

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The pace of aging in Korea is the fastest in the world. At the same time, this situation tells us that measures for coping with the problems of the aging sociality should be urgently should be taken since the number of senior population is on the rise. Therefore the church should be involved in senior problems which are in the blind‐area of the government and society. In the past the ministry of the Korean the church was concentrated on the growth of human resources and physical resources. However, the church should realize that all the resources the church has are great resources to carry out senior welfare ministry in the aging society. Korean the church should try to follow the love and power that God had showed many people and should realize that it must give its love to the elderly. The church should develop various programs which could understand the emotions and identity of the elderly and try to make systematic welfare service. Therefore, this paper describes that the Korean church should be actively involved in social welfare work through mission work according to the requests of the society and the practice of the essence of Christianity. At the same time, the purpose of this paper is to make the Korean church pay more attention to social problems and have them participate in social welfare service via missionary work. In the early days, the Korean church showed unconditional love and service spirit but churches in modern society focuses on external growth. Korean church, in the aging society, tries to find out the implication of Christianity social welfare ministry and then to recover its healthiness by participating senior welfare ministry.


I. Introduction
 II. Problems in aging society and the value and significance of ministry of welfare service for senior citizens
  1. Poverty and health
  2. Alienation and loneliness
  3. Value and significance
 III. Implication of Mission Ministry of Korean church
  1. Value of welfare ministry as mission work
  2. Fundamental mission of church as ministry
  3. Practical value as a missionary ministry
 IV. Problems of senior welfare ministry as missionary ministry & Strategy for activating the ministry
  1. Problems of senior welfare ministry as missionary ministry
  2. Strategies for senior welfare ministry as a mission work
 V. Conclusion


  • Lee, Sooyoung Full-time Lecturer of Hanyoung Theological University


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