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Implementation of a Virtual Training System on Gas Safety



With the advent of the internet era, web-based virtual training system is gaining its importance in recent years. Because of the fact that the training can take place in any place and at any time, the virtual system is now replacing many of the conventional off-line classes. Hardware environments such as communication bandwidth and computer performance gets fast enough to accommodate the virtual education. Based on the observations on current virtual training system, this paper proposes three critical design rules required when developing a new virtual training system: i) With conceptual mapping, the menu hierarchy can be organized in a clear-cut manner, ii) Extensive use of multimedia tools can help students keep their attention to the lecture materials, and iii) Provision of interaction mechanisms helps students to gain their identity and motivation.


 I. Introduction
 II. Design Principles
  1) Conceptual Mapping
  2) Maximize Multimedia Usage
  3) Support Diverse Interaction
 III. Conclusion


  • Wouseok Jou Dept. of Computer Engineering, Myongji University
  • Tae-sik Lim Dept. of Computer Engineering, Myongji University
  • Kyong-sik Kang Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Myongji University
  • Tae-ok Kim Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Myongji University


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