대승불교의 信觀


The Faith View in Mahayana Buddhism


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Frequently, people say that we believe Buddhism. However, when they happen to encounter the question of the religious objective in the Buddhism, there would be no definite answer to the question. The reason would be that they view Buddhism as a self-power religion. The answer to the question of the religious objective would be simple if they simply believe a god like what a Christian does, but it is not so in Buddhism. Buddhism is not that kind of the simple faith. Even if it is so, Buddhism does not only insist a self-power alone. Also there exist lots of the other-power aspects in Buddhism.
This dissertation studies a view of the faith in Mahayana
Buddhism. Buddhism starts with a faith and ends with a fruit of wisdom. That is to say, faith is a beginning and wisdom is an accomplishment in Buddhism. In the early Buddhism, a faith was viewed as one of the practice virtues among the five roots or the five powers of the Buddhist priests as well as the five properties of the Buddhists. Among practice virtues, a faith was the first to be addressed. But a faith is indicated to a beginning of enlightenment in Mahayana Buddhism.
In Mahayana Buddhism, it has been discussed specifically about the question of the religious objective. According to a Nirvana Sutra, it is the right belief if we have a faith in the Causality and the Triratna, it is the wrong belief if we do not have a faith in the Causality and the Triratna. But according to an awakening of faith sutra, there are four pieces of faith on True thusness and Triratna. Even though there is a slight difference between the two sutras, the two sutras obviously indicate the four pieces of faith as the religious objective. Faith on Triratna is the religious objective throughout both Mahayana and
Hinayana Buddhism.
About methodological aspects of faith, Sechin insisted on five mindfulness gate and Mamyung insisted on five practices. I hope that the Korean Buddhism take a right way with the practice of the above mentioned faith.


Ⅰ. 서론
 Ⅱ. 불교의 信觀
 Ⅲ. 대승불교의 믿음의 구조
 Ⅳ. 맺음말


  • 한태식(보광) Han Bo-Ghuang. 동국대 선학과 교수. 본 학회 회장


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