念佛禪의 修行方法


The Practice Method for Chanting Seon

염불선의 수행방법

한보광, 최법혜

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This study deals with the fundamental subject of what the 'chanting seon' is, the definition and different kinds of it, and specific method for practice.
First, Master Sungae's Seon sect. of South mountain chanting appears in the documents. His method valued the existing image, so in order to be absorbed into it, the method for reaching the previous 5th consciousness, 6th consciousness, 7th consciousness, and 8th consciousness. Those method may be categorized as an observing chanting. Yet before Master Sungae, the original form was found in the Baekryun association by Master Nosanhaewon.
He started the association depending on the Banjusammae kyung. His method for chanting is considered as mainly Banjusammae or observing chanting.
The method for observing chanting includes observing the shape, thought and image chanting, which embraces all method except name-chanting. The reason that chanting and Seon practice are the one is that both share similarities in their method.
Besides that, there is a practice method of both Seon and Pure land, practicing Seon and chanting together. It is not necessary for even a Seon practitioner to exclude religious chanting. It was Master Yougmyongyeunsu who declared it, who insisted that practicing both Seon and Pure land is the most ideal method for practice. Conducting both, or exclusively Seon meditation, or chanting alone is the case.
While the chanting method above is similar to the observing chanting, koan chanting is as same as inquiring a koan in the Hwadu Seon. It is understandable because chanting meditation is a kind of master seon.
The practice of chanting may be cogent as a new method for practice it could be a fresh alternative which overcomes the limit of Seon only valuing enlightenment and forgetting social engagement or religiousness, and that of chanting easy to go into mysticism.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 염불선이란
 Ⅲ. 傳香存佛法
 Ⅳ. 觀念念佛法
 Ⅴ. 禪淨雙修法
 Ⅵ. 念佛公案法
 Ⅶ. 맺음말
 ‘念佛禪의 修行方法’에 대한 토론 논평


  • 한보광 Han, Bo-kwang. 동국대 선학과 교수
  • 최법혜 동국대 불교문화대학 교수


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