한국인의 스테레오타입에 부합하는 공정제어용 이어콘 설계 가이드라인의 도출


Guidelines for Designing Earcons to Deliver Process Control Information using its Semantic Association

김상호, 김진수

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It is presumable that properly designed earcons given simultaneously with visual information could enhance the situation awareness of operators when they are involving in highly complicate process control activities. In this study, population stereotypes of earcons with respect to process control information were identified using 60 Korean subjects. To do this, 11 most distinctive earcons were selected from various earcons having different pitch, rhythm, and timbre. Associations between the selected earcons and 40 pairs of adjectives used to describe the state of control in process were gathered from 37 subjects using a semantic differential method. Based on the results from multivariate analyses, the 40 pairs of adjectives were aggregated into three distinctive semantic dimensions. The emotional maps of the 11 earcons matched with the semantic dimensions were presented in this study. On the basis of these results, a general guideline was suggested for designing earcons to deliver process control information.


 1. 서론
 2. 연구내용 및 방법
  2.1 실험용 이어콘의 결정
  2.2 공정 상태 관련 감성어휘
  2.3 이어콘의 감성평가 실험
 3. 연구 결과
  3.1 감성어휘와 이어콘간의 연관성
  3.2 이어콘 감성의 요인분석
  3.3 감성공간에서의 이어콘 대응분석
 4. 연구결과의 고찰
  4.1 이어콘 감성의 요인분석 결과
  4.2 감성공간 상의 이어콘 분포
 5. 결론 및 향후 연구과제
 6. 참고문헌


  • 김상호 Sang-Ho Kim. 금오공과대학교 산업공학부
  • 김진수 Jin-Su Kim. (주)세명기업


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