동작분석과 설비 재배치를 통한 생산성 향상 방안 : 사례연구


Productivity Improvement Plan Using Motion Analysis and Facility Relocation : Case Study

김동현, 박동빈, 권익현

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Today's fierce competition and global economic recession make most of manufacturing companies in the world difficult to gain a profit. In order to survive such a environment and increase competitiveness, manufacturing companies have to continuously eliminate their wasteful factors through an efficient process analysis, improve quality of products, increase the flexibility of manufacturing processes. In this paper, we consider a case study for the Shanghai New Auto which is a subcontractor of MOBIS in China, to improve productivity by using therblig method, one of the motion analysis, to minimize the work-in-process inventories and to shorten the manufacturing cycle times. We also try to relocate the facility layout to increase the efficiency and flexibility of manufacturing processes.


 1. 서론
 2. 본론
  2.1 동작 분석
  2.2 설비배치 분석
  2.3 기태 개선사항
 3. 결론
 4. 참고문헌


  • 김동현 Dong-Hyun Kim. 한양대학교 산업공학과
  • 박동빈 Dong-Bin Park. 인제대학교 시스템경영공학과
  • 권익현 Ick-Hyun Kwon. 인제대학교 시스템경영공학과


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