하이테크 분양의 GSI 구현 대상 우선순위 평가 방법 및 적용 방안 연구


Development of Priority Evaluation Framework for IT System Consolidation using Global Single Instance in Hightech Industry

이치헌, 장민용, 서종현

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The effort for GSI based IT system consolidation has been continued due to the increase of the system and complication increase of system connection, mainly by the global company. Since successful example of GSI realization by part of developed company affect to Korea, global level IT system consolidation has been examined mainly by the domestic company that have great deal of overseas business. Although they have examined consolidation possibility mainly on R&D, finance, operation management part which is the base part of company management, there are limitation for consolidation realization because of the difference between regional business problem of huge cost needed for consolidation. To overcome these realization limitations, it is necessary to lead risk and cost reduction through stepwise part unity and decide Priority Evaluation Framework for Consolidation target and systematic consolidation strategy. For GSI realization, appropriate distributions of unification time according to target system are needed. In this study, based on easiness and usefulness of consolidation and connection between the targets, evaluation methodology for Priority Evaluation Framework of system consolidation has been developed. Priority Evaluation Framework has been decided by applying developed methodology to global production company of high tech industrial part. Through this methodology, companies can realize successful and stable GSI by investing global resources intensively by Priority Evaluation Framework of consolidation target system


 1. 서론
 2. 기존연구 및 약어
  2.1 약어
  2.2 GSI 정의
  2.3 GSI 도입의 필요성
  2.4 산업군별 GSI 추진 방향
 3. GSI 대상 우선순위 평가
  3.1 GSI 추진 단계
  3.2 통합 용이성
  3.3 통합 효용성
  3.4 통합 대상간 상호 연계성
 4. 적용사례
  4.1 GSI 대상 영역  추출
  4.2 통합 용이성 평가
  4.3 통합 효용성 평가
  4.4 통합 대상간 상호 연계성
  4.5 GSI 추진 전략
 5. 결론
 6. 참고문헌


  • 이치헌 Chi Hun Lee. LG CNS
  • 장민용 Min Yong Chang. (주)LG
  • 서종현 Jong Hyen Seo. 한국산업기술대학교 e-비즈니스학과


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