발전기술의 LCA 수행사례 비교 연구


A Comparative Study on the LCA Cases for Power Generation Technologies

지철구, 정환삼

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A life cycle assessment(LCA) is increasing its applicability as a powerful tool for an environmental burdens analysis. In this study, some cases are compared in terms of analysis procedures and results obtained with LCAs for evaluating power generation technologies in Korea. For the comparison, 3 power generation technologies are selected because they produces almost 90% of 2003 total electricity generation in Korea. It is shown that the range of evaluation values amounts to maximally the order of about 105, which is rather large discrepancy than the level of 101 in comparison with foreign studies. The difference seems to be due to the simplicity of modeling used in each case study. It is proposed that this large discrepancy should be obviously clarified to improve their reliability in that electricity is a essentialness for all industries and the capacity of LCA of national-level electricity affects the results of LCA for the other sectors.


 1. 서론
 2. 발전기술의 LCA 중요성
  2.1 전력의 환경특성
  2.2 전력수요의 급증 예측
  2.3 전력의 사회적 특성
 3. 국내 LCA 수행사례 조사
  3.1 비교를 위한 동질성 기준
  3.2 비교대상으로서 연구 수행사례
 4. 평가 사례간 비교
  4.1 사용 모형 비교
  4.2 8대 영향범주 상대평가 성향 비교
  4.3 8대 영향범주 절대평가 값 비교
  4.4 지구온난화가스 배출 평가 비교
  4.5 연구간 차이발생 원인 분석
 5. 결론 및 시사점
 6. 참고문헌


  • 지철구 Ji Chul Goo. 한국원자력연구소
  • 정환삼 Chung Whan Sam. 한국원자력연구소


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