안전경영 우수기업을 위한 KS A ISO 2859-2 및 2859-3에 대한 고찰


A Study on KS A ISO 2859-2 and 2859-3 for the Best Companies in Safety management

임재근, 조병선, 정수일

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The growing importance of product quality is becoming more and more daily apparent as we enter the age of globalization around the world. And the product safety is getting more focus as well as product quality. As a result, many domestic companies are putting a lot of emphasis on safety measures and management activities and these companies' products are mainly superior to other companies' product. When we separate the product quality procedure into 3 steps, i.e. quality secure-quality confirm-quality guarantee, of course the 1st step is the most important, but also End step of product quality confirm process is important. And in mass production environment, sampling inspection is more desirable than the 100 % inspection procedure. As a part of globalization trend, KS system is also being revised and reestablished based on ISO, IEC, etc. which are based on international standard. Conventional KS sampling inspection standards were in many areas quite different from ISO sampling standards, only KS A 3102, 3104, 3151 are left and the rest become obsolete, and even the ones that are still around are planned to the gone step by step. It has been already 3 years since the new KS A ISO 2859-0-3 sampling inspection process has been established which the abolition of the popular KS A 3101, KS A 3105, KS A 3109, yet the implementation rate is very slow. This study will attempt to analyze the new KS A ISO 2859-2 and KS A ISO 2859-3, and try to understand the difference as that the new standard can be easily understood and used widely among companies, by using examples. Our attempt is to help implement with the companies with active safety involvement but the final result can be spread among other companies as well in the near future.


 1. 서론
 2. 계수값 검사에 대한 샘플링 검사의 개요
  2.1 샘플링 검사의 목적
  2.2 로트의 검사
  2.3 연속 로트 또는 고립 로트의 검사
  2.4 LQ(한계 품질)
 3. KS A ISO 2859-2 : 2001 고립 로트의 검사에 대한 LQ 지표형 샘플링 검사
  3.1 검사의 개요
  3.2 적용 범위
  3.3 검사 절차
  3.4 합격 및 불합격에 대응하는 규칙
 4. KS A ISO 2859-3 : 2001 스킵 로트 샘플링 검사 절차
  4.1 검사의 개요
  4.2 적용 범위
  4.3 스킵 로트 검사 절차
 5. 결론
 6. 참고문헌


  • 임재근 Lim Jae Geun. 인하대학교 기계공학부 산업공학과 석사과정
  • 조병선 Cho Byung Sun. 인하대학교 기계공학부 산업공학과 박사과정
  • 정수일 Jung Soo Il. 인하대학교 기계공학부 산업공학과 교수


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