방사선 및 열처리에 의한 에틸렌프로필렌 고무의 전기적 특성에 관한 연구


A Study on the Electrical Properties of Ethylene Propylene Rubber by Thermal Treatment and Irradiation


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In order to investigate the effect of irradiation by 60Co-r rays as well as the e thermal treatment on the dielectric deterioration in ethylene propylene rubber, insulating material for electric cables used in atomic power plants, charging discharging current, residual built- up voltage and dielectric properties are measu discussed in this study. Variance in the characteristic of relative dielectric constant as a function of tem was observed in relatively high dose of irradiation. Since glass transition tem appeared at tens of degree Celsius below zero, the characteristic is attributed orientation polarization. Dielectric loss is generally increased, with increasing d irradiation in the characteristic of dielectric loss as a function of temperature, No d loss by thermal treatment was observed. Dielectric resistance decreases with increa of irradiation in the characteristic of charging current as a function of temperature be considered that dielectric resistance seems to be recovered by thermal treatm characteristic of discharging current as a function of time in the specimen less ir become similar to that of the unirradiated, when thermal treated. A peak is shown residual built- up voltage as a function of time, and the corresponding time of the shorten as increasing dose of irradiation. It is also observed that the corresponding the peak is lengthened by thermal treatment.


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