SN비 의사결정기법을 적용한 중소기업의 eCRM문제점 분석에 관한 연구


Study on Analysis into eCRM Problem in the Small Business Apply to SN Ratio Decision Making

양광모, 강경식

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Such effects would be paid off in the right way only when management of the firms perform marketing activities focusing on long term effectiveness, which would drive company profits up and keep them for long. Demands of customers are being changed and varied. In this result with the advantage of mass marketing and database marketing have been drawing attentions from company. To fulfill these demands of customer, they need a concept of eCRM(Web based Customer Relationship Management), and go from selling products and services, or gathering customer requests, up to the phase of solving customer's problem by real time or previous action. With the help of internet, the frequency and speed of the problem solving has improved greatly. For these purposes, we try to determine the most important and most urgent factors in eCRM: utilization by using SN Ratio Decision making, one of the Multi-criteria decision-making methods SN Ratio Decision making is widely used for determining relative magnitude per evaluation item, i. e. priority on problems and is expected to make more systematic and objective evaluations than conventional methods do. Even in the present situation where any general criterion on eCRM dose not exist, utilization of eCRM is expected to be actively continued, which will cause many problems. In this regard, evaluating eCRM counts.


 1. 서론
 2. eCRM의 이론적 고찰
  2.1 CRM과 eCRM의 전략적 구분
  2.2 eCRM의 운영
 3. 중소기업의 eCRM 운영상 문제점
  3.1 중소기업의 문제점
  3.2 eCRM을 통한 중소기업의 전략요인의 문제점
 4. eCRM운영의 중점 개선안 제시를 위한 SN비 의사결정 모델 적용
 5. 결론 및 향후 연구과제
 6. 참고문헌


  • 양광모 Yang Kwang Mo. 명지대학교 산업시스템공학부 박사과정
  • 강경식 Kang Kyung Sik. 명지대학교 산업시스템공학부 교수


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