ERP 시스템 도입과정에서 생산시스템 설계방안


Manufacturing System Design on the Introduction of ERP System

양광모, 강경식, 박재현

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Nowadays, most companies seek after the greatest profit by means of offering the goods which consumers want timely and efficiently and minimizing the cost of inventory and distribution channel which amounts to the great portion of total cost. And according as EC(Electronic Commerce) market has increased rapidly, SCM(Supply Chain Management) for EC become one of the most important facts for companies, therefore this paper suggest SCM scheme which EC, especially B to C, is added to the existing commerce system. This paper uses internet for information integration of distribution channel which is away from one another and applies TOC(Theory of Constraint)'s DBR(Drum-Buffer-Rope) Scheduling for synchronization through the whole supply chain. It is possible to synchronize the whole supply chain by means of making the speed of manufacturing and distribution to be controlled by consumer's order which is received in distribution center, and inventory and loss of sales opportunities are minimized by constant. Buffer Management. If inventories in distribution center is short, then it needs to search CCR(Capacity Constraint Resource) in supply chain and to control the speed of manufacturing and distribution according to the ability of CCR. This paper applies PT(Partial Transshipment) strategy for Delivery from distribution center to store or cyber consumer. the strategy this paper suggests chooses neighbour area from area which each distribution center takes charge, and then makes product ordered by cyber consumer which lives in the chosen area to be delivered according to inventory of distribution center.


 1. 서론
 2. 사례기업의 현행 시스템 분석
  2.1 현황 및 배경
  2.2 대상 시스템의 문제점
 3. 생산시스템 설계
  3.1 시스템 설계
  3.2 시스템의 데이터 구조
  3.3 시스템의 수행
 4. 결론 및 향후 연구과제
 5. 참고문헌


  • 양광모 Yang Kwang Mo. 명지대학교 산업공학과
  • 강경식 Kang Kyung Sik. 명지대학교 산업공학과
  • 박재현 Park Jae Hyun. 서일대학 산업시스템경영과


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