FTA(Fault Tree Analysis)에서 불확실한 위험분석을 위한 퍼지모형 연구


A Study Fuzzy model for Risk Analysis of Uncertainly FTA(Fault Tree Analysis)

임총규, 박주식, 강경식

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Risk analysis is a formal deductive procedure for determining combinations of component failures and human errors that could result in the occurrence of specified undesired events at the system level. This method can be used to analyze the vast majority of industrial system reliability problems. This study deals with the application of knowledge-engineering and a methodology for the assessment & measurement of reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety of industrial systems using FTA(fault tree analysis), A fuzzy methodology for fault-tree evaluation seems to be an alternative solution to overcome the drawbacks of the conventional approach (insufficient Information concerning the relative frequencies of hazard events). To improve the quality of results, the membership functions must be approximated based on heuristic considerations, The purpose of this study is to describe the knowledge engineering approach, directed to integrate the various sources of knowledge involved in a FTA.


 1. 서론
 2. 퍼지언어변수와 위험인자
 3. 언어적 근사추론
  3.1 위험분석의 모호성
  3.2 위험분석을 위한 퍼지모형
 4. 결론
 5. 향후 Fuzzy 이론 적용의 방향
 6. 참고문헌


  • 임총규 Lim Chong gyu. 명지대학교 산업공학과 박사과정
  • 박주식 park Joo sic. 명지대학교 산업공학과 박사과정
  • 강경식 kang Gyung sic. 명지대학교 산업공학과 교수


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