Securing the National Security and Re- inforcing the Cyber Crisis Management System in Asia


Jae Eun Lee

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The purpose of this study is to reinforce the cooperative cyber crisis management system for securing the national security against the cyber attack and cyber-terrorism in Asia. For accomplishing the research purpose, this paper begins with the con- ceptual frameworks of comprehensive security and cyber security crisis for suggesting the future direc- tions to reinforce the cyber crisis management system. For improving the cyber security from various cyber crises, it is necessary that international cooperative system have to be established. In this paper, the organizational approach, communication and decision- making approach, planning approach, and mechanisms for operational coordination have been emphasized to suggest the future directions and the policy impli- cations for building up the international cooperative systems of cyber security crisis management. The suggested future directions for cyber security crisis management in Asia are as follows: organizing for the coordination and cooperation, statutory authority, communication channels, function- and program- centered decision-making mechanism, preparing first responders, working with private owners of critical infrastructures.


 I. Introduction
 II. Definition and Theoretical Discussions
  1. Comprehensive Security
  2. The Concept of National Crisis
  3. Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Threats
  4. Cyber Security Crisis Management and Its Challenges
 III. Approaches to the Cooperative Cyber Crisis Management System
  1. Organizational Approaches
  2. Communication and Decision-Making Approaches
  3. Planning Approaches
  4. Mechanisms for Operational Coordination and Cooperation
 IV. Future Directions for Cyber Security Crisis Management in Asia
  1. Organizing for the Coordination and Cooperation
  2. Statutory Authority
  3. Communication Channels
  4. Function- and Program-Centered Decision-Making Mechanism
  5. Preparing First Responders
  6. Working with Private Owners of Critical Infrastructures
 V. Conclusions


  • Jae Eun Lee Chungbuk National University


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