제조업체와 협력업체간 SCM구축에 관한 방법론


A Method on building SCM between manufacturer and supplier

심상용, 박재현, 김봉진

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Today's environment of enterprise is changing. They have to face customers' demands with the right product, the right service and supply them at the right time. And aIso cut down logistics and inventory cost and bring up the Profit as much as they can. This means the change of putting enterprise first in importance to putting customer first in importance. therefore to correspond to customer's demand, shorting lead time is becoming a essential condition. The answer to this changes of environment is supply chain management In this study, we use Goldratt's drum-buffer-rope scheduling in between manufacturer and supplier. And when shortage of inventory occur, search for the supply chain's CCR. Pressing CCR for more production, and supply Inventory from logistic center to guide for inventory buffing. using logistic warehouse between manufacturer and supplier, can execute function of buffer.


 1. 서론
 2. 이론적 고찰
  2.1 SCM의 정의
  2.2 채찍 효과 (Bullwhip Effect)
  2.3 DBR(Drum-Buffer-Rope) 스케쥴링의 개념
 3. 제조업체와 협력업체간 SCM구축
  3.1. DBR 스케쥴링의 적용
  3.2 사례연구
  3.3 프로토콜 제시
 4. 결론
 5. 참고문헌


  • 심상용 Shim, Sang Yong. 명지대학교 산업공학과
  • 박재현 Park, Jae Hyun. 서일대학 공업경영과
  • 김봉진 Kim, Bong Jin. 명지대학교 산업공학과


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