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The Kinds of Music Techniques that Create Suspense in Films - On <Psycho> -


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Anyone would agree that the best director of classic movie is Alfred Hitchcock. About when sound films appeared, made him recognized in the field of film making. He also established "Hitchcock Touch" which is a directing method that leads people into anxiety. After mid-1950's, he released masterpieces such as , , which led him to the time of flourish as a film director. In most of Hitchcock's movies, Bernard Herrmann participated as a music composer. Herrmann composed concert music and film music, of which nine are for Hitchcock's films. Just like Hitchcock was a film master of his time, Herrmann was also a talented composer who used many musical techniques to effectively create a tense atmosphere. This paper will discuss about the kinds of techniques Herrmann used to make psychological suspense and what effects those techniques have throughout Hitchcock's which is a representative horror movie. Herrmann's film score is typical among his works but unique compared to other composer's music. The unique part about this film score is that he only used string instruments. Hitchcock shot in black-and-white for fearful atmosphere, and Herrmann only used string instruments to make harmony with black-and-white screen. He also used the seventh chord, dissonances and polytonality, chromaticism, repetition technique with ostinato to make suspense and horror. Especially, he used small clusters of notes to make audiences fearful and describe the character's suspense. They were developed and transformed throughout the film to connect the events. On the narrative aspect of the film, Herrmann played the same music several times to give a hint to the audiences that a specific situation related to the music will repeat later on. influenced other film music composers as well as Herrmann himself.


영화 <사이코>는 아직도 서스펜스 스릴러의 최고봉으로 여겨지는 공포영화이다. <사이코>가 이러한 평가를 받게 되는 데에 큰 역할을 한 것이 소름이 끼치게 만드는 배경 음악이다. 버나드 허먼은 <사이코>의 주인공들이 가지는 광기, 강박관념, 영화의 공포스러운 분위기들을 위하여 불협화음과 복조성, 반음계주의, 오스티나토 등 여러 가지 방법들을 사용하였으며, 이러한 방법은 현재까지도 다른 영화 음악가들의 모델이 되고 있다. 영화에서 음악은 매우 중요하다. 영화에서 아무리 배우가 연기를 잘해도 음악이 그 영화의 스토리와 등장인물의 심리를 잘 묘사해주지 못하면 좋은 영화가 될 수 없다. 이러한 면에서 버나드 허먼은 히치콕 감독의 서스펜스 영화를 위한 최고의 영화음악가라 할 수 있겠다.


 Ⅰ. 들어가면서
 Ⅱ. 영화 <사이코>의 줄거리
 Ⅲ. <사이코> 음악의 특징
  1. 7화음과 9화음
  2. 불협화음과 복조성
  3. 반음계주의
  4. 반복 기법 : 오스티나토
  5. 복합 기법
 Ⅳ. 음악으로 영화의 스토리 전개 예시하기
 Ⅴ. 나오면서


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