국내 화학테러 초기대응체제의 발전방향(한.미 화학테러 초기대응체제 비교를 중심으로)


The Direction for Development of Domestic Initial Response System for Chemical Terrorism


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This paper is about the establishment of "Initial Response System." Initial response system is most important and should be treated urgently among all preparations for chemical terrorism. The 0비 ects of Initial response system are to protect civilians and the first responder who are exposed directly to chemical terrorism. Therefore, this paper suggests two main issues about Initial response system. One is to prepare immediate and exact information service system which assures the safety and survival of exposed people. The other is to build Scene Response System integrated with Command-Control Procedure for early finished situation.
Compared to United States, overcoming the Chemical Terrorism requires to improve the contents of two categories: Counter Citizen Response part and Initial Scene Response part. For Counter citizen response part' s sake, the web-sites of Response leader agencies for searching information about chemical terrorism should be modified specifically. These web-sites have to be re-organized in detail. The existing Information service system which has been vaguely informed as "CBRNE Accident" needs to be divided as "CBRNE Accident" and "WMD terrorism." Further, each of them should be specialized in "Chemical’, "Biological", and "Radiological" categories. There is a need to rearrange current Emergency Instruction for civilians against chemical terrorism in feasible way. At the same time, it should be applied consistently to all organizations through agreement between experts and related-organizations.
For Initial Scene Response part's sake, "Initial scene response procedure (SOP)" and "Operational conception" should be produced through Simulated Exercises and workshops of all organizations related with initial response. These organizations have to cooperate with Ministry of Environment which is the main leader Agency as the center.
Next, there is a need to develop a technology and Scene Response Equipments, and to standardize the response equipments which consider the capability of First Responders for chemical terrorism. Especially, improving capability of equipments is required to overcome the vulnerability of Scene Response Equipments.


 I. 서론
 II. 화학 테러의 발생 가능성
  1. 화생방 테러 발생의 물리적 특성과 우선순위
  2. 국내외 환경적 요건 성숙
 III. 화학테러 초기대응체제의 검토
  1. 접근방법
  2. 대국민 초기 대응체제
  3. 현장 초기대응체제
 IV. 초기대응체제의 발전방향
  1. 대국민 초기대응체제 개선
  2. 현장초기대응체제 개선
  3. 장비 및 기술의 개선
 V. 결론


  • 은종화 Eun, Chong-hwa. 국제정치학 박사


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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