Nature Disaster and Management in India



India is the worst affected zone of disastersin the South Asian country. Earthquakes, Droughts, Floods and cyclones devastate the country with grim regularity. Out of 32 states and union territories of India, 22 are disaster prone. Twenty eight percent of the country’s total cultivation area is drought prone. Over 1300 lives are lost to floods every year and Indiais the worst cyclone affected parts of the world. Ten thousand people were killed in the
Orissa super cycloneof 1999 and approximately sixteen thousand people died in the earthquake that hit Kutch in January 2001. The cost of natural disasters in India in terms of human life, loss of property and assets and loss of shelter and livelihoods, is immense. It is very difficult task to predict the natural calamities therefore,a state of preparedness and ability to respond quickly to a natural calamity can considerably mitigate loss of life and property and the human suffering and restore normalcy at the earliest.


 1. Introduction
 2. Natural disasters in India
  2.1 Floods
  2.2 Droughts
  2.3 Cyclone
  2.4 Earthquakes
 3. Disaster Management in India
 4. Conclusions


  • Gyan Prakash Singh ProfessorBanaras Hindu Universit
  • Jai Ho Oh Professor Pukyong National University


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