The Variety Assistance Methods of Donation for Victims in Natural Disaster




Natural disaster(typhoon, floods, windstorms, drought) pose a growing threat to developing economies, both in terms of their frequency and of the damages associated with them. These shocks, in addition to causing death and injury, also give rise to long-lasting damage, as buildings, homes and infrastructure are destroyed and scarce resources are diverted to coping with reconstruction. In times of natural disasters, the needs of hundreds of thousands of families are painfully amplified in just days, hours or even minutes. Assistance in such circumstances is likely to consist of food, clothing, medicines, temporary shelters and hospital equipment. There are lots of method of victims in natural disaster and donation is also a method of them. We have excellent history of the Disaster Donations which were raised by donors and we helped the victims to overcome their pains which are experienced by natural disasters. The methods by using the donation are assistance by cash, relief services and the business support following a proposal program.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. Theory and Framework
 Ⅲ. Analysis of Environments
  1. Donor preferences
  2. Law Environments
  3. Company Environments
  4. Social Environments
 Ⅳ. Examples of Assistances
  1. Korea
  2. America
 Ⅴ. The Variety Assistance Methods
  1. Assistance by cash
  2. Assistance by relief services
  3. Assistance by the business support following the proposal programs
 Ⅵ. Result


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