[특집논문] 존엄사의 올바른 법제화를 위한 토론회

이른바 ‘존엄사’ 법안의 분석과 평가 ― 생명윤리법적 관점에서 ―


Analysis and Valuation of so called “Death with dignity” Bills : In the Perspective of “Law and Bioethics”


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This paper aims at the analysis and valuation of so-called death with dignity act in the perspective of law and bioethics. So-called death with dignity act comprise “bill about death with dignity act” of Shin Sang-Jin, “bill about the right to natural death in the terminal stage of life” of Kim Se-yon and “bill about hospice and Palliative Medicine” of Kim chung-whan. At first, I propose the perspective of law and bioethics, then analyse the concrete issues of death with dignity. And above three bills is analysed by following issues : (1) the concept of death with dignity (2) the necessity of legislation (3) the value issues about autonomy and protection of life (4) the permission coverage of death with dignity (5) the making-out the advance directives (6) the assumption and representation of declaration of intention (7) the role of ethical review board.


1. 분석의 대상
 2. 분석의 관점
 3. 분석의 쟁점
 4. 각 쟁점에 대한 검토와 평가


  • 김현철 Kim, Hyun Chul. 이화여자대학교 법학전문대학원 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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