The Role of The Asian Communityin International Politics


Lee Dae-woo

대동철학회 대동철학 제32집 2005.12 pp.321-342
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This thesis is to explore the role of the Asian Community in world politics. Currently, we find ourselves in a state of serious worldwide crisis. We are faced with a situation of great emergency that threatens to exterminate the entire lives on the earth including the human race. The escape from this desperate crisis may be possible not through 'struggles' and 'clashes' but through mutual survival, harmony and cooperation. In this context, westerners began to turn to Asian civilization to escape from the edge of Western civilization because Asian still retains a world view of mutual survival harmony and unity. Obviously the cycle of civilization is moving toward Asia and the key to ending sensory culture could also be found in the secret of Asia. In this sense, The Asian Community should be formed and Asians should come forward to help overcome the world crisis.


 1. Introduction
 2. Call for a new paradigm
 3. Asia's world view and international politics
 4. Orienting toward an Asian community
 5. Conclusion


  • Lee Dae-woo Pusan National University


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