공무원의 심리사회적 건강, 직무스트레스 및 음주실태 - 고양시 중심


The Status of drinking, Job stress and Psychological Well-being of the Official - Focusing on the Goyang City

양순승, 차진경, 안선희, 이혜정

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Objective: This study was conducted in order to investigate Goyang City officials’ psycho‐social health, job stress and drinking pattern and to provide basic information necessary to make policies for settling healthy drinking culture at workplace, promoting mental health, and reducing job stress. Method: For this study, 707 officials were surveyed using a questionnaire. Collected data were analyzed through descriptive statistics and frequency analysis using SPSS 15.0. As a reliability test of the questionnaire, internal consistency was confirmed with Cronbach`s α. In addition, one‐way ANOVA was used to test differences in major variables, and Pearson correlation analysis was used to test correlations among the variables. Results: 1. When the officials were grouped according to their overall psycho‐social health, 24.2% were in the high risk group, 75.2% in the potential risk group, and 9.6% in the healthy group. 2. In the results related to job stress, 16.4% of the officials were in need of special counseling and the percentage was higher in the female group (21.0%) than in the male group (13.8%), so job stress was statistically significantly higher in women than in men. In addition, job stress was high among those in their 50s according to age, and in those engaged in social ware and public services according to job category. 3. In the results related to drinking pattern, the age of first drinking was 19.6 years on the average and it was 19.1 among male officials and 20.2 among female ones. Those found to have alcohol dependence were 7.4% of the respondents, 10.6% of the male group, and 2.2% of the female group. Those found to have alcohol abuse were 10.3%, 13.2%, and 5.9%, respectively. 4. As to correlations among the three variables, the correlation between psycho‐social health and job stress was significant in both men and women, in all age groups except those in their 20s, and in those engaged in administration and construction. In addition, the correlation between AUDIT and job stress was significant in those engaged in driving. Conclusion: The results related to psycho‐social health suggest that it is necessary to apply active interventions to the high risk group, to establish a counseling system for officials, and to understand the characteristics of men and women and deploy male and female officials in adequate jobs based on the understanding. What is more, as Goyang City officials showed alcohol dependence above average and a higher level of alcohol abuse and alcohol‐related risk than other areas, it is required to plan education on drinking for the officials. In response to these needs, we need to expand institutions specializing in alcohol problems the community and to promote joint surveys through the network among governmental administrative agencies.


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  • 양순승 Soon-Seung Yang. 한국음주문화연구센터
  • 차진경 Jin-Gyung Cha. 한국음주문화연구센터
  • 안선희 Seoun-Hee Ahn. 일산동구보건소
  • 이혜정 Hye-Jung Lee. 일산동구보건소


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