기능주의 번역학의 토대를 위한 구상 : 보그랑드의『텍스트과학』을 중심으로


A Functionalist Approach to Modelling of Interdisciplinary Program for Translation Studies (Translationswissenschaft)


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With drastic shift of traditional concept of Text-Linguistics, the ecological functionalist approach designed by Robert T. Alain de Beaugrande (1997) is taking up more significant role in Text-Science as well as in Translation- Studies. In this paper we outline an inter-disciplinary framework of a Functionalist Program for Translation Studies, on the basis of Text-Science, Constructivist epistemology and Astronomy of Johannes Kepler (the Laws of planetary motion). In this model, we deal with the material and data fields of Text in the sense of de Beaugrande, looking into its logical demand for modelling for Translatory Acts (Translatorisches Handeln).
This descriptive apparatus should include, for example, the perspectives of Skopos-theory (H. Vermeer/K. Reiss) and the Prototypology (M. Snell-Hornby) applied to translatory act-theory (J. Holz-Mänttäri). These syncretisms in the research of Translation-Science, which are becoming increasingly obvious in the era of Interdisciplinarity, are to be systematically described and explained by the equally syncretic discipline of a meta-theory which reformulates the relevant contributions from related disciplines and connects them into a Functionalist Program for Translation Studies.


1. '에틱'과 '에믹'의 균형
 2. 고전언어학에서 후기고전언어학으로
 3. 질료장과 자료장의 변증법
 4. 번역의 새로운 위상 : 가상과 실제를 매개하는 제어체계
  4.1 기능주의 번역학
  4.2 번역 모형의 은유적 기반
  4.3 텍스트 원형유형학
 5. 전망과 과제


  • 박여성 Yo-song Park. 제주대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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