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朱子『易學啓蒙』의 體系的 理解


The Systematic Understanding of Zhuzi`s Yixueqimeng

주자『역학계몽』의 체계적 이해


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This paper is about Zhuzi(朱子) writings entitled Yixueqimeng(『易學啓蒙』). There are only four research articles on Yixueqimeng(『易學啓蒙』), although it had taken important role in the process of formation of Zhuzi(朱子) study of changes, comparing with 30 different kinds of research on his works after this Yixueqimeng(『易學啓蒙』). In line with this, the author intends to make this paper as a full-scale research article on Zhuzi(朱子) work - Yixueqimeng(『易學啓蒙』). Zhuzi(朱子) exposes the meaning of the Xiangshuyixue(象數易學), to wit, the emblem and numerology of Emblem and Numerology in interpreting Zhouyi(『周易』) again by accepting Hetu(「河圖」) and Luoshu(「洛書」). When discussing the Zhouyi(『周易』), Yiliyixue(義理易學) had drawn supports from Wangbi(王弼) Deyiwangxianglun(得意忘象論). Likewise, Zhuzi(朱子) tried to ruminate upon the meaning of the Hetu(「河圖」) and Luoshu(「洛書」) through the Yixueqimeng(『易學啓蒙』). As he interprets all things through Hetu(「河圖」) and Luoshu(「洛書」), these two systems of emblem have become essential. Even in Shifa(筮法), he elicited Dayanzhishu(大衍之數) from Hetu(「河圖」) and Luoshu(「洛書」) so that he related the divination rule to Hetu(「河圖」) and Luoshu(「洛書」). By doing so, Zhuzi(朱子) concatenates Dayanzhishu(大衍之數) to Hetu(「河圖」) and Luoshu(「洛書」) too. Furthermore, by interpreting Yongjiu(用九) and Yongliu(用六), which belong to Qiangua(乾卦) and Kungua(坤卦) as prognostication that will be referred to when all six-line symbols are changed, he had made a great contribution to the history of Zhouyi(『周易』) study. Zhuzi(朱子) is responsible for a sizable part of the history of Zhouyi(『周易』) study as much as Wangbi(王弼) and Chengyi(程頤). Of course, there are some parts where efforts were made in vain, however, the method to interpret the Zhouyi(『周易』) have developed day by day owing to the efforts of Zhuzi(朱子).


본 논문은 朱子의 『易學啓蒙』에 관한 것이다. 朱子易學의 형성과정에 서 중요한 역할을 차지하는 『易學啓蒙』은 그 이후 30종의 연구서가 나 온 것에 비하면 연구성과를 4편으로 매우 적다. 이 글은 朱子의 『易學啓蒙』에 대한 본격적인 연구서가 되고자 한다. 朱子는 「河圖」와 「洛書」를 수용함으로써 『周易』 해석에 있어 象數易 學의 의미를 다시 드러낸다. 『周易』에 있어 義理易學은 王弼의 ‘得意忘 象論’으로 해서 새로운 힘을 얻었듯이 朱子는 『易學啓蒙』을 통해 象數 易學의 의미를 되새기려고 노력으로 『周易』을 해석하는 방법은 나날이 발전하게 된다.


 Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 『易學啓蒙』의 저술의도
 Ⅲ. 「河圖」⋅「洛書」의 의미
 Ⅳ. 筮法의 의미
 Ⅴ. 맺음말


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