Cosmetics Biotechnology Symposium : 공동개최 : (재)제주테크노파크 : 좌장 : 김 기 옥((재)제주테크노파크)

Advanves in the B iotechnological Cosmetic Development



Cosmetics have been widely used since ancient times notably by the Egyptians nearly 4000 years ago. Most of the cosmetics used by Egyptians in those days were biotech based, as they contained beeswax, fatty substances, animal wastes and plants. After many changes, Nowadays Natural and biotechnological products lead the cosmetic industry again. Biotechnology and cosmetics have had a cyclical relationships. Skin is the final target that biotechnology is applied in cosmetics. It is an organ that forms a protective barrier against germs and other materials and keeps a boundary between the inside of the body and outside. Modern molecular biology methods have greatly advanced our understanding in the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating skin aging. It makes the task of biotechnology clear in cosmetics field. The development of skin lightener is a typical example. Skin pigmentation involves production and dispersion of melanin by epidermal melanocytes to neighboring keratinocytes. Melanin synthesis is catalyzed by pigment-producing enzymes in the specialized organelle termed melanosome. The process is regulated by a number of factors, including UV light, hormones, growth factors, cytokines. Biotechnological achievements found the controlling agent which keep a role at the point of melanogenesis such as Kojic acid, Ascorbic acid and niacin amide. Apart from the above case of cosmeceuticals, other several biotechnologies is being applied in cosmetic industry such as transdermal delivery systems, Polymer science, Phytochemicals, Oil & fats production and actives development by microbial fermentation. Our company, COTDE,Inc., is specialized in developing cosmeceuticals with the use of enzyme & fermentation. The first innovative cosmeceuticals is the de novo vitamin C synthesis system which converts the stable vitamin C derivative, Ascorbyl -2- glucoside, to active form of vitamin C instantly after applying to the skin. The second case is making the new skin lightener from Gastrodia elata with the process of ‘uruk Fermentation’ Korean traditional method, We applied the above two patented technologies to the new brand whitening skin care in Asian emerging market.


  • Dong-Il Jang COTDE, Inc.


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